The Company's Vision and Values

SIMScells is an on-line service platform property of Anaxomics Biotech, a young, innovative and cutting-edge company founded in 2007 by a team of scientists. From its very beginning, our company is committed to the advancement of science and the clinical application of scientific knowledge.

Our main goal in these years has been to help the biopharma industry to maximize the value of their discovery and clinical development by leveraging the potential indications of all the compounds in their pipeline, and by identifying and minimizing their potential safety risks.

Using this experience, we have recently taken a new direction: designing services for the first stages of research. We offer the great power of systems biology to researchers themselves, providing a new point of view and aiming to help them to make new discoveries.

Thus, we strive to develop a tool which is truly USEFUL for scientists, and for this reason we try to maintain a close relationship with the scientific community, in order to continually evolve our services and adapt them to its real needs.

Your opinion is the most valuable driving force of our technology!

Please do not hesitate to send us your suggestions and comments regarding any aspect of Anaxomics' or SIMScells' services.

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